Saturday, November 12, 2016

Not good enough

“So the best option is to keep the flame in us alive and go on doing what we want to in the best way we can.”
I thought this post from my friend and fellow blogger, Shail was spot on with where I have been so recently. I hope it will make you feel as it did me. Thanks, Shail and please, give her a shout out.

Shail's Nest


It has happened to most of us at one time or another. We see someone who is better than us and feel insecure about our own selves. We are not good enough, we think.

It could be someone who churns out yummy dishes that we can never hope to replicate. Or a personwho gets up on stage and keeps the audience mesmerized with witticisms, the one whosings beautifully ordances with an agility and abandon you can never hope to achieve.

It could be a someone who hasa flair for taking amazing pictures. Or onewho travels a lot while you are stuck in your hellhole of an existence, same place, same faces, same food, same routine. They could well have a super-computer like brain to solve math problems or puzzles while you count on your fingers (or ask silly questions of friends like how many zeroes a millionhas). May be…

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