Author Bio: 

Sheila M. Good is the author and founder of Cow Pasture Chronicles, a blog dedicated to learning about the art of writing. She has published short stories and essays in professional and online journals. For more information, visit her website. Ms. Good grew near the Great Smoky Mountains and resides in Lyman, SC with her husband where she is currently working on her first novel.

Who I Am:

I am a conservative, southern woman, a mother, grandmother, and a  retired nurse, having served in the profession from 1972 until 1995. Reading, writing, family, and friends are my passion, not necessarily in that order. I enjoy politics and although I am a Fox Fan, I do have my own opinions.

A few of which I'll share. I believe family is the foundation in which our country will either succeed or fail. I believe we all must be kinder than necessary to others. Everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle. I believe satisfying a short-term goal, on an impulse, at the expense of a long-term goal; will cost you something, which matters much more in the end.

I believe we would be better off if we returned to the old fashion values of honor, respect, integrity, hard work, gratitude, and appreciation. I believe in friendships that last a lifetime. And, I believe words matter, that they can change the world. Thus, my love of books.

I grew up cutting my teeth on the covers of my mom's Book of the Month Club selections. As soon as I could read, I did. Inspired by her passion and encouragement,  I devoured everything in sight. Mom never censored the books we read and mysteries, thrillers, true crime, romance, and literary fiction, with an edge, became my favorite genres. Endless afternoons lost in another world became my routine growing up, fueling my imagination. 

Later I began sneaking off to the cow pasture filling my journals with my own poems and short stories. It was the beginning of my writing career. 

Ernest Hemingway said,  "All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know."

I'm giving it my best shot in my  Cow Pasture Chronicles.