Wednesday, March 16, 2011

According to "The Experts"...

Okay, So I learned today that either I suck at saying "I'm sorry" or the experts are crazy as Hell.

According to all the so called "experts", a sincere apology should include five things.

1) A brief description of what happened ( the event)
2) You, the apologee, your role and how you acted ( Did you roll eyes? Use sarcasm? Have the nerve to disagree?)
3) Acknowledge your role in the event (take responsibility
4) Tell what you wish you had done instead (???)
5) Ask for forgiveness, and promise it wont happen again! (Probably not happening)
And the world will be a better place, the birds will sing, and the sun will shine! Not exactly!

See, apparently, so I learned today, the 1st step of describing the event can be interpreted as rehashing, describing what happened as, justification; what I did, well.... apparently we weren't even in the same room much less same place!  Funny thing about recollections. In fact, things went from bad to worse and even more animated as I found myself saying "I did not!".

After about 30 minutes of trying  my attempt to apologize ended with this exchange.

 "Forget it, I'm trying, and you want let me."

 "You're not trying to apologise, you spent the last half hour trying to convince me that you were right."

From where I'm standing, I'd say it's the latter, they're all crazy as Hell.