Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Hate Texting

I hate texting.  Our society is going to Hell in a hand basket because we are losing the ability to communicate. Apparently this generation finds typing on a tiny keyboard, while doing any and everything, easier than actually talking to another person. Emotive's and acronyms  attempt to replace the tone of one's voice, the expression on your face or excitement of the moment.  You almost need a texting dictionary on hand to understand the language! And then people wonder why their text was misunderstood or why they're so easily ignored. Forget someone, especially your children  actually picking up the phone when you call, anymore! Oh, no, you leave a message and later, you get a text. "You called"?

Men have forgotten how to be men;  instead, believing texting a young woman, and asking her to hang out is the same as calling a few days in advance asking for the privilege of taking her out on a date.  Young women accept that behavior because they, also, have forgotten how to converse across the dinner table.

It is easy to disregard, ignore and delete people from your life with texting. A few short answers, a quip, a few acronyms, a few push of the buttons and you're done. You don't have to deal with anything you don't want to deal with, see people you don't want to see, even your favorite TV shows aren't interrupted, all with no effort.

Picking up the phone or sitting down across the table requires effort,  a connection, respect for others and manners. Talking requires you listen, look people in the eye, feel the tension, excitement, love,  fireworks, cold or warmth flowing between two people.

To think our society would rather engage in conversation in this manner rather than hearing the sound of our voices, whether it is  laughter, anger, or  tears and know we aren't alone in this world, makes me sad. Seriously?   People!


Pick up the damn phone and have a real conversation for change.