Sunday, January 6, 2013


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 When you can't think of a new idea, and it feels as if your mind is running up against a blank wall,what do you do?

It happens to writers no matter their skill or level. There are a zillion reasons why it happens, but sometimes it's as simple as life overload. It can be very distressing and if you allow it, take the joy out of writing. However, there are easier ways to find new inspiration and reignite your writing.

1. Sometimes reviewing the basics help me remember things I'd forgotten. After looking back over notes and articles important points about character, settings, or plot are once again fresh in my mind, giving me new ideas. Every Writers Resource is currently offering free online writing courses beginning with the basics. The lessons are brief and the assignments get you back to writing in no time.

2. Utilize prompts.Your choice. It doesn't have to be a link-up or complicated, just write. I like using Oneword, a 60 second prompt with no link-ups, but there are many other sites where you can share the prompt with other writer's. is another site which encourages you to write by  keeping count of the number of words each day. It is completely private and worth checking out.

3. Join a writer's group. The support you receive from your peers will be invaluable. Whether it's a group for instruction, writing prompts, guest speakers, or critiques, the support you receive from one another will make you a better and more informed writer.

So, find a way to inspire yourself. This is your chance to tell your story one word at a time. Happy writing.

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