Friday, February 17, 2012


     This past week I lead a discussion on LinkedIn. The topic was characters. "Where do your main characters come from?"
     The most often sited methodology used to create characters included: people watching, a reflection of self, and family and friends. Some characters "just walked in," and others were researched to the most minute detail.
     In each case the objective was always to create believable, full characters that leap off the page as story unfolds, whatever the genre.
     Lillie Ammann, writer and editor has a done a great job discussing character development in her eight part series. It's worth checking out. Creating Fictional Characters. Lillie also has a great list of resource for writers.
     Other resources you may find helpful include:
Holly Lisle's Character Workshop and The Writer's Resource.
     I'm new to writing, but I never tire of learning. To all who shared with me this week, thank you. However you choose to develop your characters I hope the conversation was thought provoking and challenging, I know it was for me.
     Since last week I've given a second look to my own characters, making a few changes. The changes were improvements I think.
     To all my fellow writer's : Here's to good, strong, full and believable characters that tell our story the way it was meant to be told and big thank you for contribution to the conversation.