Monday, January 16, 2012


For me as a new writer, I love seeing my words in print.  The endless learning process of how to structure a sentence properly, and tweak the  grammar to near perfection, while annoying at times, nevertheless, has  proven to be one the of  simplest aspects of writing skills I've undertaken this past year.

The most difficult thing for me, about what it takes to be a writer, by far, has been and continues to be, silencing the 'political correctness critic' sitting on my shoulder, or perhaps, the ones surrounding me in my daily life.

The well-meaning spouse, sibling, friend, co-worker, employer, clergyman, community leader, or any of  the sundry others who may read something I've written and react with a word of caution, a  raised eye-brow, rhetoric, invoke 'tolerance',  quilt, or sometimes down right tell you "I don't think you should....," "think how that sounds...," "what would people think.....say, or react."

I find myself  after  writing an honest and powerful piece, second guessing myself and going back,  tampering with what I've written, changing the tone, or the language to be more acceptable. I see their discomfort, a cringe,  reaction, an intake of  breath,  or widening of the eyes,  and through my inexperience, I let them manipulate me to change my words, to cow-tow to political correctness, to sooth their ruffled feathers.

But, here's the thing......

I may be new at writing, a neophyte, inexperienced in the craft, but  this I know for sure: If I am ever to be successful as a writer, especially in my eyes, my words must  be authentic.  Writing should evoke emotions. Sometimes the emotions will run the gamut from good, to bad, ecstatic to horror. Real life is much the same way.

There will be times my writing runs the gamut from good to bad to excellent (my prayer), but one thing I promise from this post onward, my words will be authentic, like it or not.

 So, screw political correctness.