Friday, May 6, 2016

Raison D’être

546760_320224311386850_165535573522392_784888_800024718_nThe Daily Post:  Why do you create? Publish a post about your artistic raison d’être.

I’ve written about this before, but when this challenge came up, I thought my words were worth sharing again.

After years of writing by a stream in a cow pasture, hiding my words from the world, between the pages of a worn-down journal, I have found my voice, and so I write.

Writing is like purging my soul. Sometimes, the words I spew onto the paper are words I’m unable or unwilling to say aloud. Other times, I have a story to tell.

Whether it’s laughter or the dark side of life, the human spirit inspires me. I write in pursuit of lost memories, gathering them to me like a squirrel gathering nuts before the winter cold.

I’m inspired to leave a legacy of words and stories for my family. Stories to touch their hearts, comfort them, and memories they don’t have to spend a lifetime seeking.

I write not that, in the end, my singular voice matters more than others do, or will move mountains, but perhaps, it will become one of many and create a chorus of positive change.


Why do you create? Write? 

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