Sunday, May 13, 2012

"She Was A Good Writer...."

     I'm on a roll. I have a plan. 600 hundred words yesterday. I took some things off my personal schedule, and I've designated a specific time for certain things. Hopefully this will help keep me on track and bring more balance to my writing life.
     I'm up very early in the mornings, so that time will be used to run through all the emails, catch up on all favorite blogs I like to read, etc. I may even tweet some. I've stuck to that over the last couple of days and it's worked beautifully. Giving myself a time limit prevents me from getting sucked to the endless parade of "helpful articles" on writing.  If all I'm doing is reading, I'm not writing!

So, with that said,  I'm going to get this damned novel finished if it kills me! But just in case, if after a week, you hear nothing from me? Well, you know what happened. Be kind when you speak of me. It was valiant effort on my part.

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