Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Baby-Step Goals for Writing

Okay! I'm writing! Well, sort of. I know. I've been missing in action, sorry. I won't bore you with the mountain of excuses and reasons why. The bottom line is I wasn't, and if I am going to continue my writing journey, I must put in place realistic goals. Not pie in the sky, superwoman goals, but plain, old realistic, down-to-earth, I can do this, baby-step goals. And, I'm sure some of you can relate.

Life has a way, sometimes, of interfering with our dreams, but then again, it might just be us. The doubt creeps in and we start telling ourselves, Maybe you're not meant to do this. If you were, you'd have more time. They would demand less. You would see more progress, etc.  It isn't true. Being overwhelmed and not finding the time to write comes from nothing more than not being able to simply  say, "No".

Did I just say that !!! OMG! I did! My all time favorite book is When I Say No, I Feel Guilty by Manuel J. Smith, PhD. I have given that book to a dozen people over the years, including my daughters and yet, here I am. Looks like I need a re-read.

Saying "No" is never as easy as it sounds, but simplifying things so that I can write a little each day, every other day or whatever time frame I decide is easy. I just need to scale back and start small. Take baby-steps if I have to. I don't have to plan for the whole week, just for today. I can do anything for today. I can't be all things to all people, and if I try I won't be my best to any of them.

So, Here goes: Today, I say "No" and here are my baby steps for today:

Today's Baby-Step Goal's: Complete Blog Post & send it out. Reply to      
                                           Revise  at least 1 Short Story & submit
                                           Review & organize stories on spreadsheet

What are yours?
What is holding you back?
Is life or other circumstances screwing up your writing schedule?
Has your muse taken a vacation without asking?
Have you forgotten how to say, "No"?

Tell me, what things keep you on track?
What tips can you share with me and my readers?
I like to hear from you, leave your comment below.


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